Oh, Forest [EP]

by Cat's Comet

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Spiros Abatis
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Spiros Abatis Great little EP, concise but with so much depth. Favorite track: Oh, Forest.
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Debut EP from Cat's Comet. These are a collection of songs that started life in a small wood in Hatfield, Hertfordshire.


released July 22, 2013

Composed, performed, mixed and mastered by Cat's Comet
Lyrics by Cat's Comet
Album artwork by Cat's Comet




Cat's Comet UK

Androgynous samba folk with electronic aspirations, and the current solo project of Sam Dudley.

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Track Name: ¡Takk Takk!
The flesh and bone
We call our own
Belongs to something
Bigger than ourselves

(You can grow tall and see)

What's the point in pity
If it's just you holding you back
Get some perspective
Get unaffected
By your twin reflected
'Cause If you want it (Get it)
If you have it (Keep it)
If you've lost it
Find it again

An empty promise this 'aint
I'm gonna throw off that oh so English restraint
And then.
Track Name: Oh, Forest
I'm a thousand words
Of oak away from urban
I used to pull away at the earth
Until the roots showed me how to grow
But I don't live like that no more
I'm not hung up on life as before
This brings me to you and I
Has this come full circle am I to be the bad guy?

The creeping call of doubt
And it's disguise
Oh, Forest
Sing me something wise...

And there it is
In my head and now my heart
A thought to pull a faith apart
After everything we've done
And all the love we said we had
When our beliefs were called into question
We had no answer
What I would give not to be in this position
There's things you need to know
Like there are things I need to say

I don't understand you're giving all our time
But it's just not the same as it was
You'll understand, you'll love again in time
It's just not the same...

We've been a thousand worlds
Apart now for so long
But through the trembling of my hands
I know what I must do
Track Name: The Truth is Dark
This isn't the way, it's not right
One white lie away from a dark truth

And then we come to this again
I stare muted as you stare muted
We can barely form the words
That would draw a line we're too scared to cross

Sometimes the world is just like you say it is
How do you live with it?

This hurts in a way I wasn't ready for
All the resolve I had, tangible as a metaphor
What I did to your heart was written all over your face
Just one of the many things part of the world with the line we had to cross

I've never felt so wrong
I've never felt so wrong
I've never felt so wrong
But I'll never feel this wrong again
Track Name: Arc
My heart has never been tested
Like it's being tested with you
There's always a look that lingers
Longer than it should
And a girlish ghost where you had stood
Though the only haunting that occurs
I'm doing to myself

Oh love, what have you given me?
Except an overreaching organ (and sleepless nights)
Oh love, what have you given me?
Except another name to whisper

There's a light in the dark
Beyond the pale we embark
What will I find if I see you there?
Oh the urge to know you
What has this come to?
Oh the urge to show you
What has this come to?

Hearts change hands
Bodies fall for each other
In Something of a blink
You and I could sync/sink
Every touch is like a bad tattoo
After every hit another sin to undo
But a heart and mind in collusion
Favours intrusion

Oh love, for everything I've given you
I need back double in guilt